Meet The Owners

Jocelyn Morales - CEO/Beekeeper

Hi! I am one of the beekeepers of our backyard bee farm and the one who claims to be the CEO of The Americana Miel. The concept of Queen Bea derived from Rosie the Riveter. The worker bees are all females and they work extremely hard to care for the young, protect the hive, and feed the hive. Similarly, women work their gluteus maximus off to get things done. So why not personify the queen and worker bees as Rosie!? The name of “The Americana Miel” was a Spanglish thought. I loved it and now we’re here. I love the art of beekeeping and to taste the varieties of honey across the world. I have a Bachelors in Economics from the University of Tampa and a Master’s in Business Administration from Saint Leo University. I am also a proud Air Force Reservist. I am a board member of my favorite non-profit organization RAMWI (Refugee and Migrant Women Initiative). And finally, I am a wife to my boo and a mom to an awesome boy and a furry little chaweenie.


Carolyn Morales - CMO/Beekeeper

Hey-oh! I am the Marketing Officer of The Americana Miel. I received my Bachelor's in International Studies from USF in 2015. Upon graduating, I became more engaged in our community by volunteering with the American Red Cross Disaster Action Team and through an internship with the United Nations Association Tampa Bay Chapter. I am a founder and member on the Board of Directors for the local 501c3 not for profit organization WOKE, Inc. At WOKE I also serve as the Head Coach for the Phoenixes U10 soccer team.