Our Story

When we were merely teenagers, our father rescued his first beehive from a construction site in Miami. Little did we know that growing up in his father’s farm in Mexico he was taught the art of beekeeping. He took the hive, placed it in a makeshift hive box, and set them in our backyard in the town of Carol City, Florida. Our passion and curiosity grew to almost 36 hives within a few years but by then we were in a rural town in Central Florida. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for us when we lost our home, our hives, our jobs, and what seemed like everything due to the Great Recession of 2008. When you fall, you brush yourself off, and get back on your feet. 

It took us a bit but we’re back on our feet and we are starting all over. We are starting over with a few hives in Seffner, Florida who are actively working on growing and preparing for the upcoming season. Once the hives are up and running, we will be offering delicious Hillsborough County wildflower honey to the Tampa population as well as all the other fine honey other beekeepers have to offer within Hillsborough County and the rest of Florida. The Sunshine State has so much to offer us and one of those wonders is pure, raw Florida honey. We are passionate about our pollinators and honey and we want to share that passion with everyone.

We are a Women, Hispanic, and Veteran owned business.